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A Wealth of Knowledge

Barry Gommer Jr. L. Ac. Has a wealth of knowledge in both the Eastern and Western health fields. His understanding of the human body, it’s systems and functions, whether internal or structural, are amazing. His more than 25 years of knowledge in Chinese martial arts also brings another treasure to his practice while allowing a fresh new look at human

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On my way to “pain free living”

“I went to see Barry after a doctor told me I needed neck surgery. I was in constant pain along my back and neck area. I am in the construction business and need to be in top physical shape. My wife, Cynthia, referred me to Barry. I didn’t want surgery so I went. After, only three sessions, I felt much

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Suffered from migraine headaches

“I suffered from migraine headaches most of my life. Even as a child I would get these headaches. I tried everything I could think of to eliminate the pain. I didn’t like the heavy duty drugs on the market because they made me feel “too groggy.” I used various over the counter drugs which seemed to work but not that

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Severe knee pain

I came to Barry with severe knee pain sustained from running. After my first acupuncture session, my pain had greatly diminished. After a few more sessions, the pain completely disappeared. Since then, I have used acupuncture for stress and back pain with much success. Barry is gifted, empathetic, and compassionate.

R. Sharpe, Ed.D

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